Listening Practice – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Listening Skills | Irritable Bowel Syndrome


(1)___________ or IBS can have very similar symptoms as (2)___________ or IBD which makes it sometimes a challenge to understand what’s the cause for why a patient is suffering with their symptoms.

The reality is as many patients who have IBD will also have IBS, so many patients can have both diagnosis. You can imagine that understanding what’s (3)______ those symptoms is so critically important because the treatment the way we would respond to those symptoms with medications are completely different based on whether those symptoms are being (4)______ by IBS or IBD.

So in general, IBS we would describe it as when the (5)_______ of the bowel is not working (6)________, which means they would potentially have to many bowel (7)________ in a day.

Diarrhea which is common in IBD or some patients are (8) ______ with IBS as well, because the bowels aren’t working properly, they can be too sensitive which means that the patients will be suffering from (9)______ or (10)_______ or (11) ________ which is all driven by the sensitivity of the bowels.

But all of those symptoms as well the abdominal pain, the (12) ____, the diarrhea can also be related to inflammation which is as we all know inflammatory bowel disease. So when the bowel are (13)______, those exact same symptoms can be as a result of that inflammation.

So they taking a step back and say okay, well here I have a patient who has both abdominal pain and diarrhea. It is so important to understand whether that’s being driven by inflammation, hence then we would then want to use medications that can control the inflammation, or is it driven by a sensitivity problem in the bowel or by the way the bowel is functioning. And there are various strategies both (14)____ and (15)_____ including medications that we could use to control those symptoms if they’re being driven by IBS.



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